why digital PR is a must for SEO

(and why it should be a must for your marketing)

why digital PR is a must for SEO

(and why it should be a must for your marketing)

There are dozens of print and digital publications serving the food industry across all markets, giving you enormous scope to reach your customers with newsworthy press releases about your business, products, services and opinions on topical issues. 

In addition to the promotional benefits of a print PR campaign; when your article is published online there are many extra advantages:

Generating backlinks for SEO

One of the keys to successful SEO is to have links to your site published on other sites. These backlinks help drive traffic to your site and are one of the metrics used by search engines to establish your page ranking when people search relevant topics. Backlinks are not easy to generate, (not least because they require the cooperation of a third party), but digital PR can be a very effective means to creating them. 

Creating SEO friendly content

Publishing website content that is rich with popular keywords not only helps SEO and page ranking for your site in general, but also creates the opportunity for particular stories within your site to pop up in response to a particular search. So, it makes sense that the first place that your press release should appear, is within your very own website. 

Stories that last

The chances of a press release being noticed in print are limited by the shelf-life of the publication. Once the next issue comes along, the last issue is soon forgotten. But digital media doesn’t work like that. Publish something today and potentially it’s around forever, which means if you frame your story and headline with longevity in mind, you can benefit from today’s digital press releases long into the future. Our record to date, is for a story we had published in 2013, that came up regularly as a search result and was still generating leads and sales for our client in 2020. 

Go direct

Of course, not everyone reads the press, either online or in print. So, it makes sense to use the content created for press releases within your own eshots to customers and potential customers on your mailing list. This also gives you more scope to link the story to relevant areas of your site, providing more detail for those who are interested.

Be social

Even if you already have a dedicated social media strategy it can be dovetailed with longer form PR to maximise coverage and exposure of your message in full. And if you don’t already run a social media campaign, we can edit and repack your PR content to help you get started.

Going old school

One of the consequences of the move online for sharing news, is that receiving promotional materials in the post has become quite a rarity. This means that the “snail mail” space has opened up for companies to achieve real impact with their own printed newsletters from time to time. And once again this represents a great opportunity to repeat your message to customers by editing and re-using content already created for press releases.

At your service

We offer a complete print and digital PR service including building the right media list to reach your audience, working with you to plan a campaign and strategy to meet your objectives, liaising with the media on your behalf and creating content that is not only written to be a good read, but also tailored to suit the various uses mentioned above.

If you would like to discuss our PR service, please get in touch via the links on this website, or call

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